Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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XCM Marathon race

From September 19, 2015 10:00:00 until September 19, 2015 14:00:00

XCM Marathon race

On Saturday morning starting at 8.00AM a cross country mtb marathon will be held . It is expected that more than 200 cyclists from Macedonia and other Balkan countries will take part in the race . Prizes will be provided for the best competitors .  The race is open for all, professional as well recreational riders. 

There will be three tracks in length of 15km, 26km and 38km length.   Although the km are not much the longest track of 38km has 1600m  of climb so all riders need to be well prepared for this one.  Along the tracks two  feed zones  with water, energy drinks and fresh fruits will be available. 

The route starts from along river Vardar near the Skopje City mall moving towards Treska river where, after entering neighborhood of Hrom, the route  goes towards the village Gorno Krusopek and then towards village of Nerezi at 650m.  The whole route is on a dirt road throughout beautiful nature overlooking Skopje.  Riding through the woods and beautiful trees  we reach area close to the top of Vodno from where we descend  downhill towards the south of hill Vodno. The two trails split at the top of Vodno where one trail returns to the starting location while the other goes towards St.Petka and then going back up to the top of Vodno and back to the starting location. 

 For the participation cost of 5 eur (300 denars) besides the use of feed zones and the zone at the end the participants will receive starting number as well t-shirt from the Balkan Bike Festival.  





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The following AWARDS will be given for the best among men and women.  For the shorter marathons the first three places will receive awards from sponsors in according to the value of the sponsor items. Awards will be given at the end of the competition.


First price: Brand name bicycle

Second price: Bike carrier for 5th door or 75EUR

Third price: Cyclometer or other accessory from sponsors

Forth price: Balkan bike festival cycling jersey

Fifth price: Free one year bike service or accessory from sponsors



First price: Accomodation for two days for two persons at one macedonian mountain resort.

Second price: Bike Carrier for 5th door or 75 EUR

Third price: Dinner for two at Gourmet Restourant

Forth price: Balkan bike festival cycling jersey

Fifth price: Free one year bike service or accessory from sponsors


Youngest and oldest rider:   Bicycle accessories from sponsors.

Every participant participates on his own responsibility the organizer is not responsible for any injures or defects.


Map of the 15km route (click to enlarge)



Map of the 26km route (click to enlarge)



Map of the 38km route (click to enlarge)




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