From September 20, 2015 13:00:00 until September 20, 2015 18:00:00

At Milenium cross top of Vodno hill, Skopje

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After hosting last year Balkan MTB Championship and hundreds of riders we are organizing for a second time the UCI C2 XCO race on the same trail on top of mount Vodno in Skopje, Macedonia.  It is expected a number of professional cyclists from neighboring countries and local cyclists to take a part.  The categories for men and women are devided as: juniors and elite. The race will be held on the peak of mount Vodno and the track will be around 4 km long.  The race will be shown LIVE on Internet and a tv report will be broadcast on national TV channel.

The race will be held in accordance with the UCI regulations in the presence of UCI representatives.  The official UCI commissioner will be Mr.MITTAS Thomas from Greece.

The technical guide for the UCI C2 race can be downloaded at the bottom of the page and  if you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

To REGISTER and compete please click above on join.  For registering prior to August 15th we provide a 40% discount of the fee with deadline 01.09.2015.

Looking forward to have you in Skopje !  


Prize awards

Ranking  Elite Men  Elite Women  Junior Men  Junior Women 
1 250 250 80 80
2 200 200 65 65
3 150 150 50 50
4 125 125 30 30
5 100 100 25 25
6 90  90    
7 80 80     
8 70 70     
9 60  60    
10 50  50    
Total 1175 1175 250 250


Race track

The race track is located on the top of Vodno.  The length of the track is around 4km and is built to be attractive for audience yet to force the riders to give their best.   The training and the race times are indicated here.  Timing besides the officials will be measured by Timing Solutions Skopje, Macedonia.   Although the race might change slightly until the start below is the map and certain indication regarding the trail itself.