Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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FMB World Tour Silver Event

From September 17, 2015 16:16:02 until September 19, 2015 18:00:00

FMB World Tour Silver Event

It is with our great pleasure to present you for the first time in Macedonia and in the region a FMB World Tour Silver Event.  An entertainment for the whole family not just for bikers

The FMB World Tour is the official international circuit of professional Freeride Mountain Bike competitions in the disciplines Dirt Jump, Big Air, Slopestyle and Big Mountain governed by the Freeride Mountain Bike Association e.V. („FMBA").

The best among the best freestylers from all around the world gather to compete against each other in who can do the most craziest and scariest tricks in the air using their freestyle mtb bikes.

 The competition will take place along the biggest shopping mall in the region Skopje City Mall.   The course length is approximately 150m long consisting of  three 8ft jumps and lunch ramp 15 m high and 30m long.


 Schedule for the FMB World Tour Silver Event 

-  Thursday practice - 10.00h - 14.00h, 18.00h-21.00h

-  Friday practice 10.00h - 14.00h, 18.00h-21.00h

   Technical meeting 16.00h

-  Saturday  

    Qualifications 10.00h - 14.00h

    Finals 19.00h - 21.00h


Please click on YouTube to get a better feeling of the competition itself.


If you a rider please check the files at the bottom of the page and please note that the following is required: health insurance, helmet, liability waiver and permission to compete if you are minor.




FMB World Tour Silver Event

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