Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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Best Cycling Photo Award

From September 01, 2015 18:00:00 until September 20, 2015 01:00:00

Best Cycling Photo Award


You are a biker or you simply love photography if you think you have a perfect cycling photo come and register on this fun event. 


Maybe it is a photo of cyclist on the streets or mountain biker riding on a hill every photo speaks for itself submit it and lets see what the others think.   We will post your photo on our fb website and the one with most likes of the photo wins the contest.   The best 5 photos will win articles from our sponsors and the best photo will win 100 eur + free photography website.  Register or invite your friends to register above by clicking Join and have fun.


1st place BBF 2014 photo award


2nd place BBF 2014 photo award


3rd place BBF 2014 photo award 


4th place BBF 2014 photo award


5th place BBF 2014 photo award




  • Gravatar Darko Botinov
  • Gravatar Mario
  • Gravatar Ljupco Jovcevski
  • Gravatar Martin Angjelkoski
  • Gravatar Filip Petreski
  • Gravatar Igor Karadjoski
  • Gravatar Pece Karapejoski
  • Gravatar Stefan Miloseski
  • Gravatar grase
  • Gravatar Ivy Kara
  • Gravatar Kiko
  • Gravatar Filip Kordanovski



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Be a part of our Festival

No matter if YOU are a professional or recreational rider or maybe you don't ride at all, we invite YOU and your FAMILY to come and have fun ! 

Participate, support, watch or volunteer no mater what YOU choose we will be glad to have you at the Festival !

We give you  for FREE lots of Fun, Endurance, Entertainment, Pleasure and much more


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