Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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Skopje City Mall junior bike school

From September 18, 2015 20:00:00 until September 20, 2015 20:00:00

Skopje City Mall junior bike school

During the 3 day festival that will be organized around the area of Skopje CIty Mall at predefined times cycling school and race will be organized.  We will be devoted to youngsters who would have passion and desire to ride.  We cannot teach them in one hour but we can help them see what is riding about.  We will show them on what to watch and how to ride on the streets, we will show them technical movements and how to carefully ride their bikes.   The 60mins of bike school will be realized by our guests from United Kingdom together with the members of the mountain bike club Oxygen ( 

The 60mins bike school is dedicate to children up to 10 years old but all welcome to come.

At the end of the riding school we will organize for fun race among children to see their spirit and their desire to win.   The best three children will be announced and in addition to the gifts we will award them with the medals for their place in the race.

Click above on Join and come on Friday opening at 18:00 and we promise you we will have fun.  All children will receive a gift from the organizer of BBF.







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Be a part of our Festival

No matter if YOU are a professional or recreational rider or maybe you don't ride at all, we invite YOU and your FAMILY to come and have fun ! 

Participate, support, watch or volunteer no mater what YOU choose we will be glad to have you at the Festival !

We give you  for FREE lots of Fun, Endurance, Entertainment, Pleasure and much more


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