Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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Balkan Bike Festival 2014


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It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the first Balkan Bike Festival that will take place between 19 and 21 September 2014 in Skopje, Macedonia, which will comprise numerous cycling events: starting with the Balkan Mountain Bike Championship, an international UCI competition, the BMX championship of the Republic of Macedonia, a recreational-competitive marathon on the slopes of Vodno, prize draws and lots of fun. Macedonia has hosted and organised numerous cycling competitions and events, however the first Balkan Bike Festival is the first of its kind in the Balkans, where various activities will take place over the course of three days with the participation of competitors and amateurs from all over the Balkans.

The festival will offer events ranging from stunts by the UK freestyle mountain bike stunt team Savage Skills, to training for the youngest cyclists as well as lots of music, entertainment and get-togethers. Taking place during the European Union Mobility Week, the festival in addittion  to showcasing the fitness of the professional competitors and amateurs will try to raise awareness among the broader public about recreational cycling and its benefits. Many local self-governments will present their programmes for alternative tourism, the sporting goods stores will present the latest models and various civil associations active in this field will present their programmes. The event will be fully covered by the national TVs and one of the satellite channels. Also, the event will be broadcast live on the Internet during its entirety. The festival will be promoted and visits will be organised in all countries of the region.



The festival will comprise various entertainment, informative, recreational and competitive events that will take place in a period of three days. The visitors will be able to discover numerous information about cycling in Macedonia through various public, open interactive discussions with representatives of the legislative bodies in Macedonia and several NGOs. The visitors will also be able to learn about the possibilities for alternative tourism in Macedonia as well as the other Balkan countries. More than two hundred bicycle brands, found on the Macedonian market, will be presented and the entire event will have an interesting entertainment programme.


In addition to the entertainment, information and tourist features, the festival will also have a competition section, including the Balkan Mountain Bike Championship 2014, which is held every year with the participation of around 150 representatives of ten Balkan countries. As part of this competition for points for the International Cycling (UCI) there will be many professional cyclists from the Balkans and beyond. With the huge support of the home crowd, we believe that the representatives of the Republic of Macedonia will have a successful competition.



The festival’s opening will be in the afternoon, at the city square, with a presentation of the national teams participating in the Balkan MTB Championship and free style stunts by the renowned UK freestyle acrobats Savage Skills, who will make the opening a real experience, not to be missed.


On the second day there will be a recreational marathon that will start early in the morning at the city square and will then continue on the slopes of Vodno, so that at noon the first part of the competition will be held at the top of Vodno. The evening slot of the second festival day is reserved for the first BMX competition in Macedonia, which will be accompanied with numerous activities, such as public debates, choosing the most beautiful and best equipped bikes, contests, prize draws, etc.






On the morning of the third day the UK freestyle stunt team Savage Skills will hold a one hour training and presentation for the younger generations so they too could become successful cyclists and stunt riders. In addition to the various other activities that will take place on the square, the second part of the competition will be held at noon on the top of Vodno, after which the festival will be closed.

It is expected that the event will draw more than 10,000 spectators and that more than 200 brands of bicycle and other outdoor products will be presented at over 50 stands. More than 200 volunteers, taking part in the organization of the event, will make this festival one of its kind in Macedonia and the region.

The festival will also offer various travel information for all travellers interested in visiting Skopje and the first Balkan Bike Festival. In cooperation with several travel agencies and low-cost airlines, there will be four daily tours, which in addition to the giving visitors VIP status, will take the tourists on a sightseeing tour of Skopje and its surroundings with professional travel guides. The sightseeing will be on bikes or tourist transportation vehicles for those who are not fit enough to go cycling. The travel packages will be available in all Balkan countries via local travel agents as well as the International Cycling Federation and other organisations that support the development of alternative tourism and sports. 



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