Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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"Welcome to the world of two wheels" was the slogan under which few persons initiated the formation of the first mountain bike club in Macedonoa under name Oxygen. Formed in the year 1997  in the beginning the club had only competition character and we were the initiators for forming the Balkan Mountain BIke Federation (BMBG). We organized the first mountain bike competition in Macedonia in 1998. Oxygen members as representatives of Macedonia took participation in the first Balkan championship in Greece near Athens.  In year 2001 we participated in the second Balkan championship in Poljana Brashov, Romania.  In 2004 we organized the Balkan championship in Bistra, Mavrovo where hundreds participants from 7 countries competed for the title best MTB racer on Balkan.


MTB Oxygen as an active member of the tourism cluster within the USAID project MCA (Macedonian Competitiveness Activity)  were involved in the promotion of Macedonian tourist capacities in front of the foreign delegates from Vermont, USA within the manifestation VERMOUNT OUTREACH.  Further on we took active participation in the presentation of Macedonian capacities to 25 world tour operators during their visit to Macedonia.  We promoted Macedonian possibilities for active and alternative tourism to the biggest German and Russian tour operators and we were present on several European tourist fairs.   MTC Oxygen together with RICHARD BANGS ADVENTURES - YAHOO promoted Macedonia and her capabilities of active tourism over one of the largest internet search engines Yahoo.    We were hosts  to  french citizens  Nathalie Cuche - reporter, Eric Beallet - photographer, Bruno Laval - bike tester and Olivier Durbec - doctor who were doing a report for Macedonia for one of the most famous European magazines for alternative tourism from Switzerland. We are an active member and supporter of the project Exploring Macedonia and we partner with number of travel agencies in Republic of Macedonia.

 You can read more about us on our website and in our club marketing brochure here.

MTB Oxygen
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FMB World Tour Silver Event

Macedonia Open BMX 2015

MTB XCM Marathon


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No matter if YOU are a professional or recreational rider or maybe you don't ride at all, we invite YOU and your FAMILY to come and have fun ! 

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