Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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Dear Media representative,

Balkan bike festival is a first of its kind event organized in the region where participants from several countries from the region will have fun, race and enjoy their time t in a 3 day festival event.  We would like to see this event happening and growing every year and for that we are determined to do it as much professionally we can.  If you are coming as journalist from a national media from any Balkan country we are ready to support you in your stay in Skopje.  We can provide accommodation for 2 persons for 2 nighs and we can organize you local transport and anything else that you might need during your stay in Skopje and event reporting.   If you would like to come please feel free to contact us and send us any requirements or questions that you might have,  


Kind Regards
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FMB World Tour Silver Event

Macedonia Open BMX 2015

MTB XCM Marathon


Be a part of our Festival

No matter if YOU are a professional or recreational rider or maybe you don't ride at all, we invite YOU and your FAMILY to come and have fun ! 

Participate, support, watch or volunteer no mater what YOU choose we will be glad to have you at the Festival !

We give you  for FREE lots of Fun, Endurance, Entertainment, Pleasure and much more


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