Balkan Bike Festival 18-20.09.2015

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In the last few years cycling has become one of the most popular mass sports in the world, including macedonia, with the greatest rise in popularity as a way of recreation.  Bicycles are one of the most popular means of transport because they are economical and convenient for the hustle and bustle of big cities.  A dozen years ago in Macedonia there were only around 50 recreational cyclists, while today each family has at least two bicycles used for recreation.  Every month from march to november there are recreational rides with the participation of hundreds of riders.  Tour de france, giro d’italia, the sympatex festival are just some of the numerous cycling events organised around the world, followed by millions of viewers.  The European Union is also aware of the importance and popularity of cycling, thus there is an annual mobility week held across Europe, where the accent is mostly on cycling.

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FMB World Tour Silver Event

Macedonia Open BMX 2015

MTB XCM Marathon


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No matter if YOU are a professional or recreational rider or maybe you don't ride at all, we invite YOU and your FAMILY to come and have fun ! 

Participate, support, watch or volunteer no mater what YOU choose we will be glad to have you at the Festival !

We give you  for FREE lots of Fun, Endurance, Entertainment, Pleasure and much more


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